This website is dedicated to the lasting memory of Julian Fontana, pianist, composer, and author but foremost a loyal and dedicated friend of Frederick Chopin in whose shadow he lived for many years. As a close associate of the great Chopin, Fontana often critiqued, copied, edited and performed Chopin's music. Additionally he took care of many publishing details, managed accounts, arranged concerts, and attended to many of the necessities of life that the sickly master was unable to do for himself. Fontana's major accomplishment was, with the blessing of the Chopin family, the posthumous publication of many of Chopin's previously unpublished manuscripts. These appear as opus numbers 66 through 73 (23 individual compositions) in 1855 plus seventeen songs published as opus 74 in 1859.

Visitors are encouraged to submit comments. It is hoped to eventually include all of Fontana's original compositions and anyone having copies of his music is encouraged to submit them for inclusion.





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